Measure the satisfaction of your customers. Get your survey in 1 minute. Get it here

Get your survey in 1 minute. Get it here


  • Simply register an account with us, choose your business category and configure your survey of 7 predefined questions according to your interests and concerns. Start receiving your answers in real time immediately.

  • The 7 predefined questions are sufficient to cover all aspects of your business while remaining an easy and quick process for the customer.

  • The sooner you start listening to your customers, the better! Measuring, analyzing and acting on the responses will improve the customer's experience and gain their loyalty.

  • QServus Lite has no predefined contracts, so you can use it for as long as you want. We have automatic monthly renewal, 10% discount when paying a full year in advance and you can cancel the subscription when necessary.

  • QServus Lite offers you surveys that are already crafted, specific to each business category and according to the best practices in each sector. You should not invent questions, everything is already defined. When the possibility of doing a survey is open, the first mistake is to ask the customer everything. QServus Lite simplifies the decision easily, quickly and simply.

  • Because we offer quick, simple and easy to conduct surveys. It is just what you need, since it is tailored to each type of business. You receive results in real time, with a simple and intuitive graph. Our reports are configured in such a way that you can take immediate actions and thus improve your quality of service. And without contracts in between.

  • Our customer satisfaction surveys are omnichannel. You can send them by email, they can be scanned through your unique QR code when you create your survey or embed them using a widget on your website.

  • Yes, our surveys are multilingual. So far they are available in 4 languages; English, Spanish, Chinese, and Thai.

  • Yes, we have an online chat support in addition to short introductory videos to understand how to conduct surveys.

  • Yes. Of the total of 7 questions in our surveys, you can change 5 of them. We have a library of specific questions for each business category, so you are free to choose the questions to ask your customers. They should be questions that will guide you to action, allow you to measure and know what and where your problems are.

  • Yes, you can add your own custom questions when editing the survey.

  • If you can't find your business category, then you can choose a category with a generic survey guideline, such as Store category. In addition, you can request that QServus Lite add a specific type of business, if it is not currently considered.

  • Management reports are delivered in real time. You can access them through our web platform, which you enter with your email and password. Our reports are also supported and responsive on multi-platforms, so you will see them well on any device.

  • The design of the platform is made to be easy to understand. Our platform has indicators that show the results of the surveys in a simple format. To access more in-depth results, you can download the reports of the results in Excel or PDF. That way you can analyze, evaluate and use the survey reports the way you need.

  • Studies by Bain & Company, along with Earl Sasser of the Harvard Business School, have shown that even a small 5 percent increase in customer retention can lead to an increase in profits of between 25 and 95 percent. Also, getting a new customer is much more expensive than retaining a happy customer. As such, listening to your customers and improving their experience with QServusLite could prove to be critical in a healthy business.

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