Measure the satisfaction of your customers. Get your survey in 1 minute. Get it here

Get your survey in 1 minute. Get it here

Features and Benefits

Our platform of satisfaction surveys designed for small businesses allows you to LISTEN to your customers, ANALYZE their responses and ACT immediately.

Listen to your customers

QServus Lite allows you to create customer satisfaction surveys in just one minute. You do not need a specialist management department that develops a strategic plan, or analysts who report results.

The range of responses you get informs you about the level of recommendation, satisfaction and loyalty to your business. In addition, it guides you to action: what to improve, what to change, what remains.

Analyze the answers

What is not measured cannot be improved. QServus Lite delivers your customers' responses in real time.

In an easy and intuitive way to access the management indicators, through our interactive interface platform on any mobile device.

These indicators are configured, calculated and presented automatically. You can also download the reports in PDF and / or Excel format.

Act immediately

Receiving the opinions of your consumers in real time allows you to take immediate action. A satisfied customer generates the best advertising: word of mouth. Therefore, being able to quickly solve the needs and concerns of your customers will result in preference and appreciation for your business.

Gain the loyalty of your customers with concrete and immediate actions.

How does it work

Get the opinion of your customers permanently and in real time.

Give them an easy and simple tool to recommend your business.

Satisfaction survey

It's fast and simple

Our predesigned surveys are developed according to the best practices in each category. Thus, with only 7 questions you can cover every aspect of the services you provide.

Measure the inclination to recommend

The first question already seeks to measure the satisfaction level of your customers and if they would remain loyal to your business. So we will know how inclined your customers are in recommending you.

Choose your questions

The 7 questions will provide you with actionable insights. What is correct, where and what are your problems. We have a library for these questions and for each aspects. You can choose the question that best suits your interests and concerns.

In real time

Receive responses in real time, draw conclusions and take immediate action. Analyze your business with responses from the open-ended question included at the end of the survey.

Satisfaction survey


Distribute your surveys through various means such as email, websites or QR codes.

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The fastest way to measure and analyze what your customers think.

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